White Xo Embossed Flip Flops

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And now change your shoes to these funny flip-flops to feel absolutely comfortable.

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White XO Embossed Flip Flops

Slip out of your heels and into comfort with these fun flip flops that are perfect for beach weddings or dancing all night long. Featuring an XO embossed pattern on the top and a message that reads "best day ever" on the reverse side, here is a comfortable treat for tired or achy feet. Have an ample supply on hand in all three sizes and invite your guests to "Put on some dancing shoes!" Can even double as a practical favor.


  • Small: 23 cm (L) x 9 cm (W)
  • Medium: 25.0 cm (L) x 9.5 cm (W)
  • Large: 28 cm (L) x 10 cm (W)
  • EVA Foam/Plastic Strap

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Plastic bag

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